BRACE OF 60’S 62.02lb & 64.06lb & 50’s

BRACE OF 60’S 62.02lb & 64.06lb & 50’s

Winter Fishing At Eden’s Lakes France

Here At Eden’s Lakes in France we are a 3 lake complex to suit all anglers abilities, be it from fun and action to the more serious.

For this session during the winter months, two great friends Marc Knights and Danny Cook came over for 6 days to help me out with a project with the new Electrics due to me being unwell. They were fishing on the North Lake which is our number one specimen lake on the complex when not working. It is a difficult lake at the best of times but can also be the most rewarding if you hit and fish it right.

This session turned out to be a Red Letter Session for Danny when not working and actually fishing. He started well with a 43lb mirror followed shortly after with a new personal best and one of our resident 60’s known as Split-Tail at 64.06lb and then a 50.01lb mirror for fun.

The weather was up and down with some rather heavy rain and gale force winds and massive temerature drops but as soon as the sun came out and those temperatures rose the fish wanted to have a feed on the pellet and particle and of course their boilies but also listening and watching what the carp were upto and not being afraid to cast to fizzing fish also was paying off too. What can I say apart from congratulations, and another day went by.

Marc then snared his first fish a pristine 40.04lb mirror before Danny was in again this time with a 55.07lb mirror and then a fish we were talking about earlier at dinner the Grey Italian and yet another new 60 for Eden’s at 62.02lb mirror. As you can imagine Danny couldn’t believe his session and the stamp of fish he was catching but this is what our North Lake is known for….

The following day was very quiet and no fish but the weather changed with rain and very cold at times but then on Thursday morning it started again for Danny with a 43.11lb mirror followed by a 40.04lb pristine common. Then Marc had a 35.11lb common and in the evening Danny managed a 32.02lb mirror.

I have got to say I would have loved to have been out on the bank with the guys fishing but so pleased for them, not just a great result for a Winter session but also for Eden’s North Lake for any time of the year. Marc and Danny came all this way to help us and chose to fish North lake instead of one of the easy lakes on the complex and did so well.

Thank you so much Guys.

Winter fishing at Edens Lakes

Catching fish at Edens Lakes in winter

Big fish in winter!
Huge carp
Huge carp

Winter fishing at Edens Lakes

Some big catches for winter

Big fish in Winter

Winter fishing at Edens Lakes

BRACE OF 60'S 62.02lb & 64.06lb & 50's

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