7th August to 12th August

7th August to 12th August

Mixed week really, the start of the week was so hot then nothing but rain and thunderstorms moved in and cooled the temps slightly but still stayed very cloudy and muggy on and off and followed by more rain throughout the week with thunderstorms on and off pretty much daily.Jolly pads did not perform very well this week with only 8 fish to 29.02lb banked for Ben and Jamie fishing for 6 days also a few missed chances which is always gutting on a hard week but again a very good stamp of fish for them. Jack and Jake on Simon’s Lake,which is our second specimen lake and usually a bit harder and only fishing since Monday managed to keep on ticking over and the lads managed to land 24x fish to 44.00lb with some very of nice back up fish also, Jake also broke his personal best with a 41.01lb mirror, must say the guys fished Simon’s very well and worked hard and rewarded for their efforts for the short stay,great catch report one of the best for the year, thanks guys. But well done to all the guys as mentioned earlier in the post we have had some really crap weather this week and the stuck at it and worked hard.I will add some of the pics once received.

Simon’s Lake….34.04lb mirror,42.06lb mirror,44.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,29.04lb mirror,41.01lb mirror,29.00lb mirror,21.01lb common,19.11lb mirror,24.09lb mirror,36.02lb mirror,23.10lb mirror,27.07lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,24.08lb common,29.00lb mirror,22.00lb common,35.03lb mirror,33.03lb mirror,35.13lb mirror,18.00lb common,29.03lb mirror

Jolly pads……28.09lb common,29.02lb sturgeon,24.01lb mirror,26.02lb common,26.08lb mirror,24.02lb mirror,18.04lb mirror, 29.04lb sturgeon

7th August to 12th August 7th August to 12th August 7th August to 12th August 7th August to 12th August


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