7th April to 14th April RED LETTER WEEKS

7th April to 14th April RED LETTER WEEKS

What a start to our season so Far for all 3 lakes as the fish continue to grace our customers nets and breaking all sorts of personal bests for them with fish from 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s every week so far. As the dreadful weather continues with cold winds and temperatures and non stop rain at times with our grounds and tracks totally saturated and flooded but all our guests have been true gents and have at times not used their cars/vans to come up to our facilities,But glad that our purpose built swims all around the complex have been in place and keeps the anglers free from mud and flooded areas.

This week again Simon’s Lake, Jolly Pads and the North Lake all performed and produced some stunning fish yet again for the anglers and we at Eden’s are very proud for the start for our 2018 season and wonder what it may of been like if conditions were better ?.

Top angling by all the guys this week in the tough conditions and of course some red letter weeks for some anglers with multiple catches and braces of fifty pound pluses, and thank you to all and nice to see some old friends again too and some new ones too and of course will see you again soon. So here is some stats for the week

SIMON’S LAKE…..46.08LB, 30.08LB, 30.10LB,38.08LB, 30.01LB, 15.07LB, 47.00LB, 30.10LB, 33.14LB, 29.01LB, 28.12LB, 38.00LB 2 anglers

NORTH LAKE …..48.01LB, 52.00LB COMMON, 43.00LB, 49.10LB, 31.00LB, 31.10LB, 38.00LB, 51.00LB, 41.00LB 2 anglers

JOLLYPADS…..25.00lb, 22.00lb, 38.03lb, 28.00lb, 27.08lb, 21.08lb, 24.02lb, 21.02lb, 46.03lb, 28.00lb, 34.00lb, 23.08lb, 17.12lb, 32.00lb, 27.00lb, 34.00lb, 29.00lb

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